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10 low maintenance perennials

September 25, 2017

  Our backyard has become an extension of our living space. From Spring to Fall we enjoy countless hours outside as a family. It’s amazing what a difference implementing new landscape design ideas can make. It’s the jewelry to the exterior of our home and adds so much curb appeal. It was very important to us to have low-maintenance plantings that will thrive and produce beautiful foliage and blooms all season long. Here are 10 low maintenance perennials that will work well for you. 



Daylily –  The Daylily is a workhorse of a perennial. These plants will reward you year after year with luscious green foliage and bright yellow flowers. Daylilies require little attention, and they are predictable plants that can also be divided and replanted as they spread. One of the best gifts that I ever received was a bag of Daylily plants that had been divided from mature plants in a friend’s backyard.

Coralbells – Coralbells are a showy, yet very low maintenance plant. They do well in a location that is partially shaded. This plant has unusual foliage and tiny bell-shaped flowers that bloom on tall, thin spikes. Coralbells spread well, and the flowers shoots give it height.

Hosta – Hosta thrives in the shade, and comes in a variety of sizes. I’m partial to Hosta with large, bright green leafs and I love having plants that come back bigger and better each year. My last yard was filled with Hostas, but I have had less success with them in my current yard, because the local deer enjoy them as a snack. Hostas are very easy to grow, but be mindful of pests that will damage the plants.

Viburnum Juddi – There is a wide variety of Viburnum shrubs and each different type has its own unique qualities. The Virburnum Juddi in particular resembles a snowball with its fragrant white blooms and is decorated with beautiful berries. Virburnum is known to be reliable in cold climates, so you don’t have to worry about winter getting the best of it!

Spirea  If you are looking for cascading, gorgeous blooms to add to your landscaping, then spirea is for you! It comes with benefits during all seasons: colorful foilage in the fall, beautiful spring blooms of pink or white that last well into summer, and interest during the winter months.

This is a Riverbirch Tree. They naturally grow near river banks as the name suggests, but are excellent for planting almost anywhere in the U.S. They boast graceful, drooping limbs and have leaves that are the perfect shade of green. I’m obsessed with the flaky bark branches.

Creeping phlox – Creeping phlox is one of the most effortlessly beautiful and low maintenance perennials out there! It sprawls out from the location it is planted, creating a carpet of soft pastel colors. It is so easy to plant and can be grown over rocks or in non-ideal soil conditions. You can see the creeping phlox on the left of the photo above. I can’t wait for it to fully bloom and spread!

Lady’s Mantle – Lady’s mantle has unique, scalloped shaped leaves below, and blooms that are a beautiful chartreuse color on top. It is the perfect perennial for ground cover and I think it is going to look great next to the purple pastels of the creeping phlox. I can’t wait to be able to cut some to keep in a vase in the house!

Garden Juniper – Garden juniper is incredibly dense and the perfect ground-hugging shrub. During the earlier stages of growth, it displays a bright green color that eventually becomes bluer over time. It is super low maintenance and looks fantastic when left unpruned.

Barberry – Barberry is a year-round classic. I think that my favorite quality of this perennial is the wide variety of color that it produces. From blue to green to chartreuse to burgundy and purple, it always creates a lot of interest. It can grow up to 8 feet high, making it excellent for privacy.

Snow in Summer Snow in summer not only produces gorgeous white blooms, but stunning silvery-green foliage as well. When fully bloomed it resembles a pile of snow, hence its name. But unlike snow, this plant loves the sun during spring and summer months.


The large stones used are decorative Pennsylvania mossy stone outcroppings . The above decorative gravel is American Heritage, which was installed with granite cobblestone.

The outdoor grill station measures 6 ‘ wide by 4’ deep and was constructed using Unilock pavers…brussels dimensional grill enclosure with copthorne accent rows. We selected a durable outdoor granite with leather finish the color is called Steel Gray.











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Street art biodiesel echo park man braid banjo YOLO. Pork belly everyday carry keytar biodiesel, letterpress ennui shoreditch vegan. Banjo VHS wolf lumbersexual.

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