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My skincare routine

March 18, 2024

More recently I’ve reevaluated my very basic skincare routine (cleanser, moisturizer, SPF) and start treating my skin from the inside out. Skincare practices help promote a sense of routine and self-care. Engaging in a regular skincare routine feels therapeutic. It allows for a necessary break from our busy lives to focus on ourselves. Personally I know it has helped signal to my brain that it is either time to rise and shine or time to unwind for the day.

There is something very humbling about turning 40 years of age. I recently had a good laugh with my college roommate. Gone are the days that we could skate by with little to no skincare routine. I cringe thinking about the tanning beds and sunbathing with girlfriends in our younger years. Even in my early 30s I could still wake up looking somewhat bright eyed and bushy tailed after a late night. My grandma always said to me, “Save your skin honey.”

My skincare routine is one of skininimalism (this made me chuckle). What is Skininimalism? A skininimalism skincare routine is a minimalist approach, using multitasking products with active ingredients. Skininimalism aims to promote healthy, balanced skin through a streamlined regimen, usually involving just three to five essential products. This makes sense to me because there are SO many products out there. The more you put on your face is not necessarily better.

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1. Hydrate with LMNT & ARMRA Colostrum

What I put on my face has become equally as important as to what I put on my body. I can’t drink coffee. Every morning I have an 8 oz glass of ice water with LMNT and Armra colostrum mixed together. I like the Raspberry Salt flavor of LMNT with Vine Watermelon flavor of Armra. Starting off the day hydrating sets me up for success later. Armra Colostrum has alot of benefits including strengthening your skin, lung, and gut barriers, optimize your microbiome, and activate cellular health.

2. Vitamins Multivitamin & Peptides

I take several vitamins and supplements, including Ritual multivitamin and peptides, specifically, BPC-157 (oral) & thymosin alpha 1 (inject) BPC-157. I have several autoimmune diseases including psoriasis. Studies have shown that the peptides effectively accelerate the healing of injuries affecting the skin help increase cellular regeneration and decrease inflammation.

3. Ice Roller

Every morning after I take all my vitamins / supplements and have my glass of of LMNT + Colostrum I ice roll my face while making my kids breakfast. I don’t drink coffee so this helps wake me up in the morning while simultaneously relaxing / soothing my skin. Everyone in my family loves the ice roller. I store it in the ice roller cover because it’s much more hygienic then just throwing your ice roller in next to some froze food. Also helpful for when you travel.

4. Makeup Remover

I like Paula’s Choice with Clean Skin Cloths. I used to use makeup eraser cloths but I appreciate that clean cloths are one and done.

5. Cleanser

For a gentle cleanser I use La Roche Posay. For exfoliating, Neocutis Neo Cleanse. It has Glycolic Acid so the key is to apply to your face, if in the shower wash your hair etc. then rinse off after two minutes to get all of it’s exfoliating benefits.

6. Retinol

I purchased Tretinoin .025% cream directly from my Dermatologist. I use a pea size amount on my entire face and mix in with my moisturizer at night. Starting with 3x a week will help to not irritate your skin.

7. Moisturizer

On my face during the day I use Elta Spectrum Moisturizer + Tinted Broadband SPF 40. In terms of body lotion I LOVE Weleda, especially right after the shower. I originally found them at Whole Foods but they are also available on Amazon and at Costco. I use Weleda skin food hand cream after washing dishes.

8. Night Cream

At night I’ll alternate Epicuren Discovery Colostrum Luminous Glow Cream and Neocutis Firm cream. The Colostrum Glow Cream makes my skin feel very dewy and hydrated. I use the Neocutis cream on my face and neck to smooth and tighten skin while supporting collagen and elastin production.

9 . Eye Cream

Neocutis Lumiere Firm Riche is alittle more expensive but you only need a grain size 2x a day (morning and night) and it lasts for months. Active ingredients include bisabolol (soothes the eye area), caffeine, glycerin, and peptides.

10. LED Light Mask

I received the Omnilux Contour Face for Christmas. I use it daily for 10 minutes. I recently had eye surgery and believe it significantly helped my healing process. It’s proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and redness.

My morning skincare routine is pretty straightforward. Wake and wash with gentle cleaner, grain size of under eye cream, and tinted moisturizer + SPF in one. Definitely find a dermatologist you trust. Think about what skin type you have and ask your doctor or trusted professional what ingredients are best for skin care routine, based on your skin type.

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Street art biodiesel echo park man braid banjo YOLO. Pork belly everyday carry keytar biodiesel, letterpress ennui shoreditch vegan. Banjo VHS wolf lumbersexual.

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