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My Baby Must-Haves

November 10, 2018

In just under two months we’ll be welcoming a new bundle of joy. This pregnancy and baby have been an absolute blessing to our family. We are all very excited to welcome a new addition. I’m surprised how much the baby gear has evolved in just under 6 years. We got rid of a lot with the Twins because everything was very loved. Really with baby you don’t need a lot but there are a few products that I love, have researched, and are tried and true. Below I’m sharing my baby must-haves with you all. I hope you find them helpful especially you new Mommas.



1.Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

When you have more than child your stroller can quickly turn into a limobus. We had this stroller with the Twins while living in the city and it was super easy to push, could fit easily in any door, and navigate around stores and restaurants without running into people. You can fit a baby and a toddler which is nice and they can also face each other.

2. Aden + Anais Blankets

Love these multiple purpose blankets. They are so soft to swaddle, use as a burb cloth, throw down on the changing table or cover baby while in the car seat.

3.Babymoov Dream Belt

My best score from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I’ve literally worn this every single night starting at four months. It’s been a total lifesaver. Since side sleeping can put a lot of weight and preassure on our belly and hips this helps elevate some of that. A pillow between your legs with the dream belt and you are golden. This is my most used pregnancy item!

4.nuna 2017 PIPA™ Lite LX Infant Car Seat & Base

We purchased a new car seat since ours was expired. This Lite model weighs under 6 pounds making bringing baby in tow alittle easier. It comes with a removable and user-friendly 50+ canopy which shields little ones eyes from the sun and rain. Invest in a good car seat because besides your stroller this will be your most used item.

5.Nuna Leaf

In researching rockers the Nuna leaf got rave reviews. This baby seat is supposed to take inspiration from the motion of a leaf floating on the breeze. The new model can recline at three different levels and is noise-free, motor-free, and can maintain motion for more than two minutes with just a gentle push, so baby can drift off into sleep or kick and play in comfort. It can hold up to 130 lbs, so your toddler can fit in it too!

6. Spectra Baby Double Electric Breast Pump

This time around I’m trying the Spectra. Medela is very popular but the Spectra is what many IBCLCs recommend as it has shown to be most efficient.

7. Hatch Baby Grow Scale

When I saw Hatch Grow I had a major a-ha moment. This product is genius. The Twins were premies so we spent a lot of timing feeding and going into the pedetricians office to get them weighed. After 3 months our daughter was diagonised failure to thrive and was on a feeding tube. It was an extremely stressful time as she would vomit daily from the feedings, and we were always concerned about how much she could take in, how many nutrients she was getting, and if she was gaining weight. Hatch Baby Grow Scale is a wireless infant scale + diaper changing pad in one. Measure and track your baby’s feeding amounts, weight, and growth. Soft, comfortable, wipeable surface for easy diaper changes. This will definately help provide parents piece of mind.

8. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

After I learned about Hatch I wanted to pitch our Conair noise machines  + ok to wake clocks that never worked. Hatch Baby is a mulit-functional rest combines nightlight, sound machine and time-to-rise alert in one. You can control it all from your phone or just touch it  customize color, brightness, sound, and volume level while setting programs to turn off and on automatically based on your family’s sleep schedule. I love that it grows  with your child’s needs – providing soft light and white noise for midnight newborn feeding sessions, the comfort of a nightlight for a preschooler, plus a time-to-rise setting for your older child!

9.DockATot DeluxeGrand Docks  + Toy Arch + Toys

This is the one of the products I wish I would have had with the Twins. DockATot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger. It comes in two sizes (Deluxe for 0-8 Months, Grand 9-36 months) . You can easily add the Toy Arch + Toys during playtime to engage baby.  The fourth trimester is a big adjustment for everyone especially baby. “Life on the outside” as I often joke probably feels overwhelming. The first weeks of babies life they seem so small and to put them in the crib feels so big, especially if you have a premie. This co-sleeper will give them alittle comfort and keep them cozy while near to you.  The Grand size can also be used for Toddler bed transitions which is such a great idea and option vs putting up the huge bed rails. Ours ended up at the trash because they broke. I received this product compliments of DoctATot

10. Freshly Picked Moccasins Newborn Rose Pink + Heirloom in Blush + Gold

I purchased my first pair of moccassins from Susan Peterson over 6 years ago when she was hand making and solely selling them on Instagram. Now after notoriety such as Shark Tank and sales in Nordstrom’s,  Susan has created a multi-million dollar empire after being inspired to create shoes for her son. Hats of to this momma and these adorable mocassins which are perfect and stylish to fit on little feet.












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Street art biodiesel echo park man braid banjo YOLO. Pork belly everyday carry keytar biodiesel, letterpress ennui shoreditch vegan. Banjo VHS wolf lumbersexual.

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